Resisting Together

March 29, 2014 all-day
The Canons’ Gait
The Canons Gait
232 Canongate, Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 8DQ

Resisting Together is an event of many ideas focussed on a single aim – the dissolution of Industrial Civilization through acts of resistance. There are many activists – community, political, radical individuals, groups and movements – operating both in the open and underground; we don’t agree on everything, but at our core we all seek to free humanity from the yoke of the industrial machine, the horror-play that the civilized world acts out every day, degrading the natural world and enslaving people in the pursuit of material wealth and power.

A mixture of talks and discussions and a chance to share, exhort, emote and learn from others how we can move towards a world where we are in control of our destiny, unfettered by the shackles of the industrial machine. This unique event seeks to bridge gaps and find commonality between the various strands of radical thought and action that are seeking to protect the future from ecocide. The range of topics, groups and ideas represented is deliberately broad, and there will be ample opportunity for you to add your own thoughts to the mix. We need it all.

Facilitators / Speakers:

· Alastair McIntosh – activist, writer and scholar (

· Indra Donfrancesco – Earth First!

· Arthur Sevestre – Skye Marine Concern

· Eva Schonveld – Transition Scotland

· Representative of DGR UK

· Keith Farnish – Underminers

The event will be facilitated by Sandi Hunter

To register for the event go to

Deep Green Resistance Presentation

Two DGR UK organizers will present “Diversity of Tactics”.

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