Electrical network sabotage Nottingham area (UK) in May 2016

There are two news reports that someone with an air rifle has targeted an electrical substation [1] and overhead electrical cables [2] in the Nottingham area in May 2016. Its unclear exactly how many incidents there were. It resulted in power cuts in 8,000 homes and businesses in the Nottingham area. The electrical company was able to “pinpoint a damaged component which was consistent with having been caused by a firearm,” [1]


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  2. http://legacy.newarkadvertiser.co.uk/articles/news/Power-cuts-follow-person-shooting-near-overhe

3 thoughts on “Electrical network sabotage Nottingham area (UK) in May 2016

  1. Steve N

    An air rifle isn’t a firearm, and their also not strong enough to do damage to that stuff even possibly at point blank range.

  2. Derek

    You should probably consider the possibility that this was just a chav vandalising things because he or she thought it would be funny. I doubt very much that this was someone who cares at all about the issues you discuss on this web site. Unfortunately.

    1. Max

      I always say the opposite: I hope that it was someone who loves the nature and wants to protect her from industrial civilization.


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