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These lists are maintained by the international DGR organization:

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Deep Green Resistance UK Resources

There’s some overlap with the lists above, but these are resources particularly recommended by DGR UK. If you think we should include anything else, email uk (at)

Recommended Reading

Recommended Viewing / Audio

  1. END:CIV – Resist or Die
  2. The Fuck It Point
  3. When the Trees Shake –
  4. Sweet Crude
  5. Just Do It (trailer)
  6. If a Tree Falls – A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
  7. The Weather Underground
  8. Kanehsatake – 270 years of Resistance
  9. Forgotten Birds of Paradise by Dominic Brown
  10. The Cove
  11. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields
  12. Whale wars – Seasons 1-5
  13. La Badil
  14. Bikela Bagarap
  • Movies
  1. – Land and Freedom
  2. – Sophie Scholl – The Final Days
  3. – The Baader Meinhoff Complex
  4. – The legend of Bhagat Singh
  5. – Battle of Algiers
  6. – Wind that Shakes the Barley

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