Remotely support tomorrow’s Rising Up! airport action

November 19, 2016 all-day

If you can’t be at tomorrow’s Rising Up! Heathrow action, then support it remotely from home. See details below from Rising Up!:

Airport expansion makes no sense – air pollution limits are already being breached and we need to be reducing flights to meet climate change targets not increasing them. The planned expansion at Heathrow will also see local communities bulldozed – where is the democracy? Watch this video for more information.

We have three actions you can join this coming weekend (including just for an hour from your own home!).

If you are already involved thank you! and please share so we can blast our targets

1. An action with high arrest risk – between facebook and our pledge we are on target here for 100 people but more would be great! PLEASE SHARE!

2. Protests at Heathrow (family-friendly demonstration – meet at 11.30am at the Three Magpies, Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AU) (on target between local folks, pledgees and facebook joiners)

3. A communications blockade of Heathrow – you join in and make some telephone calls / post on social media if you can (again we are on target between pledgees and those joining by facebook). More information will come through this week to those signed up in the meantime you can pick your time slot

These actions are super important in terms of the movement to stop insane airport expansion. They are also our live experiment in creating inclusive actions for everyone to join in, which also include acts of civil disobedience, which have historically always been necessary as the way to see change.

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