FAI/ELF Cause Radio and TV Blackout (UK)

A group linked to the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) has claimed responsibility for setting fire to a TV and radio relay station near to Bathampton in the South West of England, early on Thurday 3rd January 2013. This resulted in the regional shut down of Freeview TV channels and national analogue and digital radio stations, affecting 80,000 homes. It also affected mobile network and police communications in the area. Additionally it will have caused significant financial costs.

The FAI/ELF Communiqué can be found here – http://earthfirst.org.uk/actionreports/content/faielf-communique-tv-radio-blackout

Interestingly there seems to be little media reporting of the incident and none that links the act to the FAI or ELF.

This group may be linked to the FAI group that sabotaged train lines in Bristol in May 2012. More information here – http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/708755

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