DGR Developments related to Radical Feminism

On May 11th and 12th, during the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland (USA), three incidents occurred concerning transgender/queer activists attacking DGR members. This was followed on May 14th by a statement from Aric McBay, a co author of the book Deep Green Resistance, describing why he left DGR, accusing it of being transphobic.

DGR issued a response to Aric McBay’s “Deep Green Resistance and Transphobia”, a call to Protect Women, Feminism, and Free Speech, and a number of FAQs around Radical Feminism.

DGR UK and its members stand behind all of these statements and the goal of ending oppression of all people and living beings by this culture, industrial civilisation.

One thought on “DGR Developments related to Radical Feminism

  1. Fin poivron

    Hi, I am half way through the book. I am an anarcha-feminist. I am not sure what a ‘radical feminist’ is having never heard the term in over 20 years of activism (an americanism?).
    I am also a qualified psychologist. Lierre Keith in her writing comes across as neurotically homophobic from a christian belief background. I can see why some queers were insulted by what she has said. Specifically about anal sex. This is a form of human activity that many people consentingly and lovingly engage in without harm. To attempt to suppress and degrade the non reproductive sexuality of others, is to support the major patriarchal institutions of capitalism and the church. Institutions that recognise that their power lies in the control of sex in order to breed more humans, to have more power, to have more profit. I understand that she was writing about damaging pornographic activities at one point in her chapter. She however throws in SODOMY as a sin at the end with no reference point ??? with the pope on that one Lierre?
    It sounds like I am not the only voice wondering if she might like to explain herself on this point…. Good book otherwise.


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