Endgame Premises Archives: 7: The sooner civilisation crashes the better

The longer we wait for civilization to crash—or the longer
we wait before we ourselves bring it down—the messier the crash will be, and
the worse things will be for those humans and nonhumans who live during it,
and for those who come after.

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Report-back on Himalayan visit

himalayan-culture-sDGR UK members Elliott and Rachel recently visited the Himalayan mountains, in part to see how traditional cultures live. Elliott shares an account of their experiences, describing the negative impacts of civilisation. He concludes:

My lasting impression was that if Western civilisation stopped tomorrow, after an initial period of readjustment, the people of Khati would experience a considerable improvement in their lives. Generations of people are still alive that possess knowledge that the younger generations seem unable and uninterested to receive. But those elders won’t be alive for much longer. Western civilisation must be stopped as soon as possible.

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